I'm just a girl standing in front of you, asking you to eat more real food.



I'm a holistic health coach focused on plant-based lifestyles and the founder of The Greenery.

Like you, I was raised on the Standard American Diet. I slowly transitioned away from consuming animal products and began incorporating more real, whole foods into my diet. 

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“Progress over perfection. Enjoy the journey and smile.”

— TRacie Kendziora



I’ll jump right to the point: You need me!

Too dramatic?

Let’s be honest. Your life is probably filled with more fast food than real food, more booze-filled date nights than Medjool dates, and more loaded baked potatoes than oven-roasted sweet potatoes.

You probably want more. And I don’t mean more greasy food, sugary drinks, and calorie bombs. I’m talking about more health, more happiness, and more energy - all the stuff that really does a body (and mind) good.

I want to help. Seriously. Not in a condescending, I-told-you-so way but in an I’ve-totally-been-there way.

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