Wellness doesn't have to be work

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Ever wonder why you feel so downright dogged at work? You’re exhausted, you’re cranky, you’re hangry. You’ve got a short temper, you’ve got tight shoulders, and you’ve got a sad slice of leftover pizza for lunch.

It’s because you’re not putting all the pieces together. And you’re certainly not making time for you.

You need to have the mindset, the food, and the exercise on lockdown to not feel like you need to be put down.

How you do one thing is how you do everything. So once we tackle that tacky trash talker in your head, it’ll be that much easier to work in your whole food meals and work out.

Wellness isn’t just one thing. It’s everything. It’s holistic. And, above all, it doesn’t have to be work.

Lucky for you, I want to help. Seriously. Not in a condescending, I-told-you-so way but in an I’ve-totally-been-there way.


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